Renewing Your Mind: An Eternal Perspective

September 2nd, 2015 by whitneyhopler

So much information goes through our minds every day that we can easily waste valuable time and energy chasing distractions — if we’re not intentionally sifting through the barrage of information to focus on what really matters most.

Lately I’ve been working on articles about near-death experiences (NDEs), which feature life reviews where dying people are able to relive scenes from their lives and understand the full impact that their choices had on themselves and on every other person affected by their choices.  What matters most from an eternal perspective, they learn, is how well they choose to express love.

We don’t need to go through an NDE to remind ourselves to think from an eternal perspective each day. Simply developing the daily habit of focusing our minds afresh on what has eternal value will go a long way to helping us discipline our minds to use the time and mental energy we have well. If a thought isn’t really worth thinking, replace it with something that is! As the Bible says in Philippians 4:8:  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.



Renewing Your Mind: Saying Thoughts You Can’t Say

August 26th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

What can you do when you  need to say something, but feel like you can’t say it because other people will misunderstand and judge you for doing so?

Lately, my mind has been full of troubling thoughts about a family situation I’m going through in which I feel like I can’t say anything right, because several times when I’ve tried to communicate about it, some people have swooped down over my words and made all sorts of wrong assumptions, making the situation even more stressful with untrue allegations and unfair criticism.

At the same time as I’ve been going through this family struggle and trying to learn from it, I’ve been working on more articles about guardian angels for my Angels and Miracles site. Now I know why people who have developed friendships with their guardian angels treasure the fact that they can communicate purely with those angels about any topic, without misunderstandings and criticism. Unlike fallible human beings, angels can fully understand our thoughts, words, and actions since they can see the true state of our souls — and they are able to truly love us, in any situation.

I’m hoping to get to know my guardian angel better. How about you?



Renewing Your Mind: Does Emotional Energy Attach to Places?

August 19th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

Can the energy from people’s emotions expressed in specific places remain attached to those locations long afterward? That’s something I don’t claim to understand — but I certainly wonder about that, especially after an intriguing experience I had recently in Seattle, Washington.

While touring the city’s underground places in Pioneer Square, my tour guide told heartbreaking stories of suffering that had happened in the places through which we were walking. Then she challenged us to try taking digital photos of the area, saying that many previous visitors had noticed spirit orbs showing up in their photos there. I took her challenge, and was amazed to see that a clearly defined orb appeared in my photo.

What was it, really? I knew from my research and writing about angels that angels often appear in the form of orbs. The tour guide suggested, however, that the orbs showing up in visitors’ photos could be the ghosts of the people who suffered there — whose minds were troubled by emotional anguish before they died. But I don’t believe that myself, since I think ghosts are actually demons (fallen angels) rather than the spirits of people who have passed away. People don’t remain on Earth to haunt it; they go into the afterlife (either heaven or hell) right away, and any ghostly spirits who cause living people to be afraid are demonic in nature.

My hope is that the orb I captured in my photo was a holy angel who was drawn to the spiritual energy of all of the curious visitors opening their minds to consider the suffering that had taken place there and learn from it. But it could have been a fallen angel from the evil side of the spiritual realm who was attracted by the sensationalism of evil in that place.

Could the emotional energy of the pioneers themselves who had suffered there long ago still be hanging around the places where they had lived and died — even when their souls are in the afterlife? I don’t know; that’s an intriguing mystery.



Renewing Your Mind: Changing Your Mind

August 12th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

I believe in lifelong learning and am grateful that there’s always something new interesting and valuable to learn each day we’re alive. We get to change our minds about what we think about anything up until our lifetimes run out. But when the end comes, what we think about what matters most — faith — will have eternal consequences.

The article I wrote recently on Archangel Michael and guardian angels visiting dying people really impressed that reality on me. One of the authors I quoted in the piece, Anthony Destafano, has written: “At the moment of death, when our souls leave our bodies, all that will be left is the choice we’ve made. And that choice will be either for God, or against him. And it will be fixed — forever.”

I try to live with an open mind, but an open mind rests on the foundation of core beliefs that are thought through well. And the more I learn about God, the stronger that foundation of belief becomes for me. How about you?



Renewing Your Mind: Keeping Your Legacy in Mind

August 5th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

Whenever I’m making significant decisions, I remind myself to consider each choice in light of how it will affect the legacy of my life overall. One day my life on Earth will be over — just as yours will, and the lives of everyone we know. It’s not fun to think about the end of our lives, but it’s important to do so, because every decision we make does have eternal consequences. The decisions we make now lead to attitudes and actions that move our lives in a certain direction and shape a distinct legacy for each of us.

I’ve been thinking about that lately as I’ve been working on articles about angels and dying, including the popular portrayal of Archangel Michael in art weighing people’s souls on Judgment Day. The emphasis with that is how their good and bad choices measure the legacy of their lives.

May we focus on what has eternal value as we make decisions today!



Renewing Your Mind: More Than You Can Imagine

July 29th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

How much do you really expect in life? Too often, we limit our expectations by limiting our thoughts about what’s possible. As someone who writes regularly about miracles, I’ve learned that anything is truly possible when our Creator (God) is involved, and that sometimes we’ll encounter situations in life that are beyond what we could have imagined happening if we had tried to predict the future ourselves.

Lately, I’ve been writing a series of miracle prayers for various types of needs, and I’ll continue to post new ones. In the process, I’ve been thinking about how vitally important it is for us to remind ourselves regularly that there is a power beyond us — God — and he can do far more in our lives than we can ever imagine. So while our minds are wonderful and capable of many brilliant endeavors, we can’t limit our expectations in life to what we can imagine or understand with our minds. Miracles do happen, and you never know when to expect one!



Renewing Your Mind: Lucid Dreaming

July 22nd, 2015 by whitneyhopler

Have you ever been aware that you were dreaming while you were still asleep? Lucid dreams — those that we realize we’re having while we’re having them — present incredible opportunities to use our minds to control the course of our dreams. By doing so, we can understand people and situations better, solve problems, develop new ideas, and more.

The times when I’ve best been able to dream lucidly have happened just after I’ve woken up abruptly from a dream in progress — such as when my alarm clock buzzes while I’m still in the middle of a dream. If the dream is about something that I’d like to learn more about (and if I have the time to go back to sleep for a while), I focus my mind on the details I can remember from the dream and pray that I can return to it. Usually, I do return, and when I do I’m lucid.

For example, I recently dreamed about a conversation with some friends about our children and wondered what we all say next when my alarm went off just as one of my friends was speaking. That particular morning I had the benefit of some extra time, so I reset my alarm for a bit later, focused on the dream I’d just had, said a prayer, and drifted back to sleep. Then, in the dream, I intentionally asked the friend who had been speaking when my alarm went off some questions to help me understand her point of view better. As the conversation continued in the dream, I turned it in the direction I wanted it to go so I could figure out the parenting issues we had been discussing. When I woke up, I was wiser!

What lucid dream have you experienced lately? What did you learn from it? If you have a story to share about how God or his angels have sent you a message through a lucid dream, please consider sending it in for me to post on the site in the angel stories or miracle stories categories.



Renewing Your Mind: Connections with Your Body and Spirit

July 15th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

All the research I’ve been doing lately into angel essential oils has taught me a lot about how energy transfers in fascinating ways between mental, physical, and spiritual forms.

I have to admit that, before I knew much about how essential oils (physical substances) work in meditation (a mental process) and prayer (a spiritual process), the whole practice of using oils to communicate with angels seemed silly to me. But now that I know about how energy vibrations work as they travel through the universe, it makes sense.

Our minds are inextricably connected to our bodies and spirits. How have you seen those connections at work in your own life lately?



Renewing Your Mind: Breaking Free with Archangel Raphael

July 8th, 2015 by whitneyhopler

Nothing can hold us back more in life than unhealthy thoughts. But healthy thoughts empower us to soar toward fulfilling our highest potential.

Thankfully, Archangel Raphael — God’s top healing angel — is a powerful source of help for renewing our minds. While researching how four archangels are associated with Earth’s four natural elements, I discovered that Raphael is the angel of air. This wonderful angel helps us break free of burdens (such as unhealthy thought patterns) so we can soar toward fulfilling God’s purposes for our lives.

Looking back on my own life, I’m grateful for how God and his messengers (like Raphael) have helped me learn how to break free of the burden of worry. The more I replace worrisome thoughts in my mind by healthy thoughts about why I can trust God no matter what, the more free I become to fly — experiencing the best life and becoming the best person I can be.

What about you? If God has helped you renew your mind (through one of his angels, or in another way), I’d love to read your story and post it on the Angels and Miracles site to encourage others.



Renewing Your Mind: Enlightenment

July 1st, 2015 by whitneyhopler

I’ve recently visited two national parks — Acadia National Park in Maine, USA and Kejimkujik National Park Seaside in Nova Scotia, Canada — as part of my research for upcoming articles. What I’ve learned about light in these amazing parks is incredible. Since both Acadia and Kejimkujik are located so far east on the North American continent, many people visit the parks to see the first light rays of the sun hit the continent during morning sunrises. Pilgrimages to the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia to see sunrises are especially popular. Since both parks also take significant precautions against artificial light pollution at night, their dark skies are excellent places to see the light of stars at night.

When you renew your mind, you seek enlightenment — a term that comes from the concept of light as inspiration. Light symbolizes inspiration in many different ways, and angels work with light rays to send their energy from heaven to earth.

How have you experienced enlightenment in your mind lately?