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I believe that words, if used well, contain great power to help people. Throughout my editorial career, I’ve used the words I communicate to help people in two main ways: to inform, and to inspire. Informative words enrich our lives with the knowledge and wisdom we need to make the best decisions. Inspirational words call us to focus on the part of ourselves that lasts forever — our souls — and lead us to discover what has eternal value.

You may have read the many articles I’ve written over the years about faith, for publications such as Crosswalk.com, About.com, The Salvation Army. I also have solid experience serving a wide variety of other publications (such as The Washington Post and Livestrong.com) covering other topics. Some of the topics I’ve covered so far in my career include:

* travel * health * nutrition * finances * cultural trends * marriage * parenting * aging * education * history * theater * dance * movies * art * television * food * the environment * wildlife  * fitness * crime * charities * real estate * news

Please check out my portfolio and professional profile to learn more.

I’m also the author of the inspirational novel Dream Factory, which is set during Hollywood’s golden age.

I hope my work will enrich your life in some way. You can reach me at aboutangelsmiracles@gmail.com, and I hope you’ll consider following me on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, and reading my novel Dream Factory.



Whitney Hopler, freelance writer and editor

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