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Recognizing Angels

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Angels are mysterious beings who often work behind the scenes, appearing in visual form only when God has a special purpose for them to do so. But you don’t have to actually see angels to recognize their presence with you. The archangels, in particular, each have distinctive signs that believers say help them recognize when those archangels are nearby.

Over the coming weeks on my site, I’ll be posting new articles about how to recognize archangels. I’ll also be writing new articles about stories of archangel appearances from religious texts, like the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an.

Hope you enjoy!


Nature’s Miracles

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

In honor of Earth Day, I’m covering some of nature’s miracles on my site about angels and miracles. Hope you enjoy these stories and others:

Animals Helping People in Miraculous Ways

Angels and Animals

St. Francis of Assisi: Patron Saint of Animals

Baobab: The Tree of Life

Bamboo: Miraculously Useful

Soursop: A Miraculous Fruit

Rosy Periwinkle: A Miraculous Flower

Ariel, Archangel of Nature

Raphael, Archangel of Healing


Holy Holidays

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

As Easter and Passover approach, I’ve posted lots of new content about the angels and miracles of this holy season on my site. The new articles include:

* What is the Passover Miracle?

* What is the Easter Miracle of the Resurrection?

* Angels at the Resurrection

* An Angel Helping Jesus Before the Crucifixion

* Who Was Saint Mary Magdalene?

* Mary Magdalene and Angels at Easter

* Who Was Saint Thomas the Apostle?

Hope you enjoy the articles and encounter God in fresh ways during these holy holidays!