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Angels and Crystals

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

This month on my site, I’m featuring articles about the fascinating connection between angels and crystals. People have used crystals as prayer tools to help them connect with angels since ancient times.

What is it that draws something physical like crystal rocks and something spiritual like angels together? Electromagnetic energy — the kind that’s constantly at work in the air around us, but that we can’t see with our eyes. That may sound odd, until you consider that many other kinds of invisible energy moves through the air around us: from cell phone and TV broadcasting signals, to sound waves and microwaves.

Some of the new articles I’ve posted include:

* What is an Angel Prayer Crystal?

* What is the Black Stone of Kaaba?

* Sacred Stones: The High Priest’s Breastplate Gems

I’ve also posted new articles about famous archangels like Haniel, Jophiel, and Raziel that I hope you’ll enjoy, plus profiles of various crystals and their spiritual meanings.