Death and Resurrection

If you’ve ever grieved the death of someone you loved, you know that grief can wash over you in waves that hit you unexpectedly whenever something reminds you of that person. Grief is a powerful experience that draws some people farther away from God and others closer to God — the difference is in how they respond to it.

On my site, I’m featuring a variety of articles dealing with death, from a feature on how angels escort the souls of dying people into the afterlife to what happens during a near-death experience. You’ll also find an article on how to heal through the grieving process.

I’ve also just posted articles about the famous resurrection miracles of Jesus Christ:

* Lazarus
* Jairus’ daughter
* a widow’s son

If you’re grieving the death of someone you love, I hope these articles will help you become more aware of God’s presence with you in the midst of your grief, and help you discover the hope of eternal life that He offers.


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