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Hello and Goodbye

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

As many of you fellow freelancers know, it’s hard to say “goodbye” to a project you love. But that’s the task I’m facing right now with my beloved site on angels and miracles, since has decided to retire the angels and miracles topics and archive the site.

For more than two years, I devoted copious amounts of time and energy to the site as a labor of love. The site grew steadily (achieving about 200,000 page views each month near the end), I surpassed all of my work performance goals every month, and readers all over the world contacted me to say that God was using the site powerfully in their lives to give them the information and inspiration they needed. I’d hoped to serve as the guide to angels and miracles for many more years, and I have extensive files of notes for future articles I’d planned to write. Yet, suddenly, news came that the site was being retired because, while successful, it was one of the newer sites that management decided to cut while investing more in older, more established sites.

I’m grateful to have had the blessing of serving readers as an guide, writing about something I care about passionately and knowing that it made a positive impact on many people’s lives. Moving forward, I’m excited about what new opportunities God will bring me to use my editing and writing skills to inspire and help people. You can still read fresh articles from me at, where I’ve served for many years and hope to keep serving for a long time. You can also see fresh posts from me on Google+. Finally, please feel free to email me through my Google+ account at with any comments you may have about my articles, job or assignment leads (thanks in advance!), or if there’s some way I can encourage you.

Saying “goodbye” is rarely easy, but it opens the way to say “hello” to something new, and God keeps all of us writers and editors constantly moving forward into new ways of serving readers.