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Both Paperback and Ebook Formats

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Now my new novel Dream Factory is available from either as a paperback or an ebook.  Thanks for considering adding it to your summer reading list!

Starting soon, I’ll post some sample excerpts from the novel here that I hope you’ll enjoy.



Dreams Can Come True

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

That’s part of the message of my new novel Dream Factory, which is now available in paperback through’s CreateSpace store. It’s a dream come true for me to get this novel out to readers after years of hard work on it!

Soon, Dream Factory will also be available as an ebook for’s Kindle. I’ll post the link for that here as soon as it’s ready.

Here’s the book’s description:

Do you dare to believe that dreams can come true?

Dream Factory raises provocative questions about the meaning of success and the nature of faith.

During the golden age of Hollywood, actresses Vivian Vogel and Constance Montgomery, actor Luke Sanders, and producer Jack Morgan each pursue their own dreams of success. They work in movie studios known as “dream factories” for producing films that shape the dreams of audiences worldwide. When they struggle to see some of their dreams become reality, they find themselves in a different kind of dream factory – one in which God and his angels challenge them to transform their dreams.

Vivian, Constance, and Luke all dream of stardom. As Christians, they dream of bringing hope and joy to audiences, yet they also struggle with less pure dreams of fame and fortune. Jack is in the business of helping others make their dreams come true, but at a cost. When he becomes obsessed with one of his own dreams and tries to force it into reality, he pays the ultimate price for it.

Will the novel’s characters cling to their own dreams, even when doing so puts them in danger? Or will they risk losing what they’d thought they had wanted so they can seek God and his dreams for them?

God sends angels into their lives as he shows them that his dreams for them are much greater than what they’ve been dreaming for themselves.

Dreams that come from God really do come true!

Thanks for checking it out.  I hope you gain lots of enjoyment and encouragement from reading Dream Factory!