At the Intersection of Old and New

More thoughts about God from my recent trip to Italy:

Rome, Italy is a hodgepodge of old and new, with evidence of its ancient history often visible surrounding the newer parts of the city that have been built on top of the old.

I was particularly struck by that mix of old and new when I traveled to the outskirts of Rome and saw part of the old Appian Way (the famous road that connected parts of the ancient Roman empire in Italy, which is known in Italian as Via Appia Antica). An intersection I crossed featured the old (the Appian Way’s cobblestones and old Roman catacombs nearby) meeting the new (a high-speed train crossing a bridge while an airplane flew across the sky) in such a picturesque way that it inspired me to broaden my perspective on time at that moment.

While we experience life as it comes to us, moment by moment, God sees all of all time from beginning to end. We see just a tiny bit of what’s happening, while God sees everything that has ever happened in the past, is happening now in the present, and will happen in the future.

Every day, we face decisions that bring us to intersections between our old lives (how we’ve lived until now) and the potential of our new lives (how we can choose to live differently from now on). We can’t imagine the full impact of each of our decisions — but God can — so that’s why I try to seek His guidance whenever I come to an intersection. Only God has the perspective needed to bring the old and new together in patterns that work well.

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