Gelato and Gratitude

More thoughts about God from my recent trip to Italy:

I learned more about gratitude from an unexpected teacher: gelato (Italian ice cream).

The purity of gelato’s ingredients and the intensity of its flavors inspired me to make time to savor it. That was a different approach than I usually take to ice cream; I have to confess that I tend to just gulp my American ice cream down here at home, looking for a sugar high more than anything else. (Yes, I’m trying to break that unhealthy habit.)

Enjoying gelato in Italy woke me up to the fact that every bit of food I enjoy is a gift from God — something to savor, not just rush through. That made me wonder how often I take God’s gifts of every kind for granted, instead of fully appreciating them. Do I fully enjoy, and thank God for, the myriad of simple yet profound gifts that He constantly pours into my life?

From now on, I’m planning to buy Italian gelato to eat at home, and every time I dip in a spoon to enjoy it I hope I remember to be grateful.

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