Explorers in Venice

One last blog about my recent trip to Italy:

Standing at the top of the famous bell tower for St. Mark’s Basilica, I looked out over Venice and noticed an interesting scene — a massive cruise ship sharing a canal with tiny gondolas. The ship moved carefully past, looking like it could swallow up the gondolas at any moment. Water taxis, speedboats, and even kayaks navigated through the crowded canal, as well.

Venice has long been a place for explorers, and one of the world’s most famous explorers — Marco Polo — lived there. That spirit of exploration is still a major part of Venice, from its historic center to some of its more modern islands, like Lido.

Wherever I went in Venice, I experienced the thrill that comes from exploring. Now the memories of Venice inspire me to approach each new day with that same spirit of exploration, looking forward to whatever new adventures God may have in store.

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