Movie Star Memories: Ann Miller

In this blog series, I’ll describe my impressions of various movie stars I’ve met over the years. Hope you enjoy reading about your favorites, and that you’ll be inspired to check out my Hollywood novel Dream Factory, which is available in both paperback and electronic formats through

I met Ann Miller briefly after a performance of the musical Sugar Babies, in which she was appearing with Mickey Rooney on a national tour that had stopped in Washington, D.C. Ann had sung and danced her way throughout the high-energy show (a tribute to burlesque) impressively — especially considering that she was a senior citizen at the time. She even did some of her signature super-fast tap dancing.

She was quite down-to-earth, which was a pleasant surprise. Her elaborate makeup and ultra-glamorous demeanor had given me the impression that she would be rather unapproachable, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Underneath her over-the-top appearance, Ann was a warm and friendly person.

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