Renewing Your Mind: New Thoughts in the New Year

As 2015 approaches, many people are resolving to do a better job at something. Common New Year’s resolutions include:

* getting organized

* losing weight and becoming physically fit

* using time or money more wisely

* healing broken relationships with other people

Do you plan to work on any of these in the coming year? Achieving any of these goals begins with changing the way you think. Before you can change your actions, you have to change your attitudes — and that involves renewing your mind.

I hope this blog will be a useful tool for you in that process. Thanks for reading, and if you’re interested in how faith can help you transform your life, please visit my Angels and Miracles site. If you have a true story about an angelic encounter or a miraculous experience you’d like to share to inspire others, please email it to me at to publish on the site.

Happy New Year,


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