Renewing Your Mind: Clairgustance

While driving during a heavy snowstorm, I pulled over to the side of the road to let an ambulance through and got stuck in a ditch as a result. Several kindhearted people helped me try to push my car free while snow pelted our faces and cars skidded past us. Stress piled up in my mind as fast as snow piled up on the ground where we stood. So I did what I always do in a stressful crisis: pray.

A sense of peace washed over me afterward, but something else happened that caught my attention. I experienced a distinctive taste in my mouth — white grape juice mixed with vanilla wafer cookies — which brought back comforting memories of the summer days in my childhood when I enjoyed that snack at my great-grandmother’s house. It was just what I needed to snap out of the stress and think clearly about a new strategy for pushing the car, which ended up working. After I got back on the road, thanked the other drivers, and made it safely home, I couldn’t stop thinking about that taste in my mouth. Where had it come from? I had no juice to drink or cookies to eat, yet it tasted as if I had just been drinking and eating at my late great-grandmother’s house, where all seemed carefree.

Tasting something that’s not physically there is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) called clairgustance. You can develop a sensitivity to such messages if God wants to send any to you, but you’ll probably be taken by surprise if you do have a clairgustant experience, since they’re rather rare. That’s the only one I can remember experiencing in my life, and I still wonder whether the taste came from God answering my prayer, from my great-grandmother sending me a message in response to my prayer to God, or simply from my own mind trying to deal with overwhelming stress by bringing up a comforting memory.

How about you? If you’ve had a clairgustant experience and you’d like to share to inspire others through your story, email it to me at:

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