Renewing Your Mind: Dreams

Soon I’ll be creating new content hubs on my Angels and Miracles site about a fascinating topic: dreams. There’s so much that excites me about what we can learn about our minds (and our faith) from learning about our dreams!

I’ve often gotten creative inspiration for my writing in dreams. That’s just one of a myriad of benefits of dreaming.

Sometimes we even hear from God or his messengers (angels) in our dreams. Sacred texts like the Bible contain many famous stories about people receiving divine messages while dreaming, such as Jacob’s dream of a ladder between Earth and heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it. People today often report receiving inspirational messages through dreams, as well — such as messages delivered by guardian angels.

Have you ever received a message from an angel or a miraculous answer to prayer through one of your dreams? If so, consider writing a brief summary of your story and using it to inspire others by having me post it on the site. You can email me your dream story at:

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