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Renewing Your Mind: Symbols

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Our dreams and visions speak to us in the language of symbols, since symbols can communicate profound meanings simply, helping us understand our deepest thoughts and feelings. Interpreting symbols involves figuring out two types of associations: both their universal symbolic meanings and what they represent to us personally through our unique connections to them.

As I continue to cover angelic dreams and miraculous dreams for, I’m learning lots of fascinating information about symbols, such as what different colors and numbers mean. Recently, I visited The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida as part of my research for an upcoming series on shapes in dreams. The museum is dedicated to the work of famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali, who said that his dreams provided the inspiration for his renowned symbolic paintings.

When we receive inspiration from God (or his messengers, the angels) it often comes in the form of symbols designed to help our minds best comprehend what’s happening. For instance, angels often appear to people with wings, even though they don’t actually have wings (they’re purely spirits who can choose to manifest physically in any form) because many people have become culturally conditioned to expect angels to have wings.

What symbols have shown up in your mind lately — either while you’re awake, or while you’re asleep and dreaming — and what do you think they’re trying to tell you?



Renewing Your Mind: Nightmares

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

In my most frequent nightmare, I’m back in high school as an adult, embarrassed about the fact that I’m too old to be there (in reality, I have a daughter in high school now!). Recurring nightmares like this are usually the mind’s way of drawing attention to pain that needs to be healed. In my case, the nightmare occurs whenever I’m experiencing a lot of frustration about a situation in my waking life — whenever I feel like I’m being held back from fulfilling my full potential. My mind shows me being literally held back in life, unable to graduate and move forward as I’d like to do.

This nightmare perplexed me for a long time. But ever since I’ve come to understand its meaning, I’ve worked on trying to overcome various frustrations in my waking life and doing whatever I can to achieve my goals.

Some nightmares are deceptive, yet others contain important truths. All nightmares involve bad feelings, but bad dreams can contain good messages that help you discover more about God’s purposes for your life.

What nightmares have you had lately — and what do you think they’re trying to teach you?



Renewing Your Mind: Colorful Dreams

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Recently, I experienced a dream in which I saw everything through a brown filter. It seemed like I was looking through mud during the entire dream, which involved trying to meet my sister Courtney at an amusement park. No matter how hard Courtney and I tried to get together, something would happen to prevent it. We called each other on brown cell phones to make new plans, only to have those fall through. In the end, I wandered alone around the park — which was completely brown — skipping the rides and wondering when I’d get to see Courtney again.

My dream was all about frustration, and I learned while doing research on color meanings in dreams that brown often symbolizes frustration about something when it predominates a dream. That helped me make sense of the dream. I was indeed struggling with frustration about how difficult it was to get together with Courtney lately; our schedules weren’t matching up as often as I wished I could see her. In my dream, I pictured us back at an amusement park we used to visit together as kids — only now we were adults with obligations that prevented us from meeting there, despite our desire to have more fun together.

Learning about what the brown represented helped me interpret the dream and bring the issue to my attention in my waking life. What colors have stood out in your dreams lately? Check out my site for new articles about colors and dream interpretation.



Renewing Your Mind: Dreams of the Future

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Have you ever dreamed about something happening in your life before it actually happened?

Dreams that contain premonitions of the future are called prophetic or precognitive dreams. I’m covering them on my site about angels and miracles right now; hope you enjoy the new content.

While I don’t recall experiencing any prophetic dreams so far in my life, I have had several experiences of receiving premonitions about the future while I’ve been awake. Waking experiences like that fall under the category of extrasensory perception.

The most astounding premonition I’ve received involved meeting my husband. One day I was reading my local newspaper and noticed an announcement for a festival to take place on the upcoming weekend. Suddenly a clear thought came into my mind and I heard a voice speaking to me internally, telling me that I should go to the festival and that I would meet a man there who I would end up marrying. Since I wasn’t looking for someone to marry and wasn’t even interested in the festival’s theme, I thought that was funny. Yet, oddly, I felt compelled to go — and while I was there, I did indeed meet the man who would later become my husband!

Have you ever gotten a premonition about the future that later happened just as predicted? If so, consider sharing your story to inspire others by sending it in for me to post on the site!



Renewing Your Mind: Hope

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

There’s one attitude that has more power than any other to renew your mind: hope. If you’re hopeful, you’re likely to open your mind to other positive attitudes. Hope is the foundation of everything that makes the mind healthy.

As a Christian, I believe in the power of hope that was unleashed during the first Easter, when Jesus Christ was resurrected. Easter will be here soon. So I hope you enjoy the articles on my site about Easter, such as “What is the Easter Miracle of the Resurrection” and “Angels at Jesus Christ’s Resurrection on Easter”.

I’ve just written a new article about the power of hope for, called “Will You Dare to be Hopeful When Life Seems Hopeless?”. It describes some lessons I’ve learned about hope in my personal life — and the more I’ve learned about hope, the more my mind has been renewed.

Here’s to more hope in your life, too!