Renewing Your Mind: Dreaming the Right Dreams

The popular inspirational saying “You can do anything you want to do” is well-meaning, but untrue. Too often, we chase dreams that seem at first like they’re good ideas, only to find that they aren’t the right dreams for us. So I believe that a key step toward making our dreams come true is discovering what dreams we should focus on first. That’s part of the message of my young adult novel Dream Factory, which is set in Hollywood, California during the classic “old movie” days — the 1930s.

Aspiring actors and actresses in the novel dream of making it big in the motion picture industry that was known as the world’s “dream factory.” When they struggle to see some of their dreams become reality, they find themselves in a different kind of dream factory – one in which God and his angels challenge them to transform their dreams. If you’re a young adult, or have a special young adult in your life, I hope you’ll consider Dream Factory for your reading list (or gift list) this summer!



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