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Renewing Your Mind: Spiritual Warfare

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The battle between good and evil is fought first in our minds.

Consider the last time you’ve had an inspiring idea come to mind without any apparent source. Now think about the last time you’ve had a discouraging thought hit you out of nowhere. Where do such thoughts come from? Sometimes, they come from angels, who often communicate directly to our minds.

Since our choices grow out of our responses to the thoughts in our minds, spiritual warfare begins there. Holy angels inspire us with positive thoughts regularly, but fallen angels tempt us to sin by sending negative thoughts into our minds.

I’m sure my guardian angel has been a creative muse to me many times in my writing career — especially after I’ve prayed for inspiration. But even though I don’t like to give the evil side of the spiritual realm much attention, I am aware that negative thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere may sometimes be coming from fallen angels, so I’m cautious about evaluating my thoughts, asking questions such as whether or not it’s really true or helpful.

As Halloween approaches, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves that fallen angels aren’t just Halloween or horror movie characters — they’re real spiritual beings from whom we need to guard our minds.




Renewing Your Mind: Telepathy Part 2

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

What if everyone you met could clearly know every thought and emotion that passes through your  mind? That’s how it is in the afterlife — no secrets! In heaven, where people (and angels) use telepathy to communicate, the essences of thoughts and emotions pass freely from one being to another.

As a journalist, I love this idea, because it means that we won’t have to fight to discover the truth about anyone or anything. No pretending, no hidden motives, no miscommunication — it’s all open and free.

We may be able to hide some thoughts and feelings from other people in our earthly lives, but we can never hide anything from God. Reminding myself that God knows what’s on my mind at any moment helps me try to focus on what’s truly worth focusing on: positive thoughts and feelings.

Has God, or one of his angels, ever sent you a message through telepathy? If so, consider sharing your story on my Angels and Miracles site to inspire and encourage others.



Renewing Your Mind: Telepathy Part 1

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Have you ever experienced telepathy — communicating directly between minds — with someone?

I’ve enjoyed learning more about telepathy through my work  on it for articles about extrasensory perception (ESP), telepathy in the afterlife, and telepathy and prayer among angels.

A surprise, for me, was discovering that telepathy doesn’t just involve thoughts; it involves emotions as well. As someone who loves intellectual pursuits, I tend to focus more on thinking than on feeling in my daily life. But after learning how closely connected thoughts and feelings are in telepathy, I’m realizing that every thought I have actually does reflect an emotion of some kind (even when I’m not consciously aware of it).

So when I communicate with others now, I try to think not just about what I’m saying, but how I’m saying it — since thoughts and feelings can’t really be separated, and both are equally important in how people receive messages. In fact, often people won’t even pay attention to what others say if the messages aren’t communicated with positive feelings. What people tend to remember most, as well, are good emotional experiences.

What’s an important message that you hope to give someone in your life soon? How can you communicate it to them in a way that makes them feel loved?

Has God, or one of his angels, ever sent you a message through telepathy? If so, consider sharing your story on my Angels and Miracles site to inspire and encourage others.




Renewing Your Mind: Mansions in Your Mind

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Every thought you think helps shape your mind, wiring your brain’s neurons into patterns that affect how healthy your mind becomes. I’ve learned through my recent work on articles about near-death experiences (NDEs) that thoughts are profoundly important in the afterlife — so much so, that the way you think actually creates much of what you experience there.

While researching these articles, I was intrigued by the idea of thinking positive thoughts as a way of building a beautiful home for your soul. The more good thoughts you think, the concept goes, the more you can create a good dwelling place for your soul in the afterlife, where reality often reflects pure thought. Maybe this is what Jesus Christ means when he says in John 14:2 of the Bible that “My Father’s house [heaven] has many rooms”. It could be that the rooms we live in once we get to heaven represent the way we’ve thought about God, ourselves, and others. Perhaps it’s true that the more faithful our thoughts, the more beautiful the rooms we can occupy.

The way we think powerfully shapes the quality of our lives right here and now, as well, since our thoughts lead to actions, which move our lives in a certain direction.

What kind of “house” are we building with the way we think today?