Renewing Your Mind: Mansions in Your Mind

Every thought you think helps shape your mind, wiring your brain’s neurons into patterns that affect how healthy your mind becomes. I’ve learned through my recent work on articles about near-death experiences (NDEs) that thoughts are profoundly important in the afterlife — so much so, that the way you think actually creates much of what you experience there.

While researching these articles, I was intrigued by the idea of thinking positive thoughts as a way of building a beautiful home for your soul. The more good thoughts you think, the concept goes, the more you can create a good dwelling place for your soul in the afterlife, where reality often reflects pure thought. Maybe this is what Jesus Christ means when he says in John 14:2 of the Bible that “My Father’s house [heaven] has many rooms”. It could be that the rooms we live in once we get to heaven represent the way we’ve thought about God, ourselves, and others. Perhaps it’s true that the more faithful our thoughts, the more beautiful the rooms we can occupy.

The way we think powerfully shapes the quality of our lives right here and now, as well, since our thoughts lead to actions, which move our lives in a certain direction.

What kind of “house” are we building with the way we think today?

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