Renewing Your Mind: Love that Transcends Romance

Every Valentine’s Day, society turns the spotlight on romantic love. But as exciting as romance can be, it’s only one aspect of love. Love, in its fullest expression, connects us to God. It’s God’s pure, complete, and unconditional love that truly is the greatest love of all, because God is the source from which all love flows.

The story of why St. Valentine is the patron saint of love reflects that reality. It was ultimately Valentine’s love for God, not just the way he helped romantic couples, that made him the saint who inspired love’s holiday.

So whether or not your romantic life is going well this year, you still have a lot to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. God’s love is for everyone!  As I write this, I’m blessed to have a good marriage and a loving husband. But my deepest love goes beyond my marriage, and my number one guy is God, no matter what.



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