Renewing Your Mind: Loving Thoughts Have Energy

The electrical energy of our thoughts is so powerful that it can cross through dimensions, sending signals between us and those who have died. As we think of them in this earthly dimension and they think of us in heaven, those thought signals go back and forth, and sometimes they’re strong enough to break through in ways we can perceive. What strengthens thoughts the most? Love.

While researching a series of articles on animals in heaven and the signs and messages they may send us, I discovered that for pets, just like for people, bonds of love become thought energy that fuels communication and connection back and forth.

My daughter’s beloved cat Liberty died on the day I started working on that series. Liberty was a sweetheart through and through, and she had a special place in my heart, as well. I miss Liberty tremendously — but I know that she still exists, and that sending my love to her now is as simple as saying a prayer, asking God to deliver the message to her. Liberty has sent her love, as well, by appearing in one of my dreams.

If you’re grieving the death of a person or a pet, you can be confident that the love between you will never die.



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