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Renewing Your Mind: Spiritual Energy in a Place

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

As soon as I walked into a certain section of a restaurant where I was eating dinner with my husband, I felt uncomfortable. The longer I stayed, the more feelings of stress and even fear came over me. It seemed like I was being threatened, but there was no visible reason for me to feel that way. I was about to learn that the reason had to do with spiritual energy attaching to a place.

On the way out, I discovered from reading a sign about the restaurant’s history that a tragic event accompanied by strong emotions had happened there. Years ago, when the section of the building I was in had been a private home, a husband had discovered his wife in bed there with another man. Enraged, the husband shot the man, murdering him in the place right around where I had been.

I felt better immediately when we left the restaurant — and even better still after I prayed about it.

By contrast, I’ve had the opposite experience of feeling waves of joy wash over me in some places of worship as soon as I’ve entered and joined people gathered there to pray. All the positive energy being expressed there through prayer was tangible in the atmosphere of the room.

Both negative and positive spiritual energy can attach to certain locations where it’s expressed in emotionally intense ways. Thankfully, angels can help clear negative energy out of places (like our homes) and bring positive energy in when we pray. So now that it’s a spring and we’re cleaning house physically, let’s do some spiritual spring cleaning with angels, as well.



Renewing Your Mind: A Friendship with Your Guardian Angel

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

We most often think of people as our best friends. Yet each of us has angels who are lifelong companions and would make great close friends once we get to know them: our guardian angels.

For years, I thought of my guardian angel as a nice yet distant being who was ready to jump into my life during a crisis to protect me from danger, but otherwise focused on other work as needed in heaven. Now I know that God intends the guardian angels and people he pairs up to be in regular contact with each other. Since angels don’t interfere with free will, they wait patiently for us to show interest in developing a friendship with them. If we do, they respond. If we don’t, they must be content with just working in the background of our lives.

Learning about the close friendships that saints (like Padre Pio, Gemma Galgani, and St. Patrick) had with their guardian angels has inspired me even more to get to know my guardian angel better through prayer. Hope you’re inspired, too! If you’d like to share a story of how your guardian angel has helped you, please send it in for me to post on to inspire others.