Well-Being with Whitney: Near-Death Experience Lessons: Part 5

After learning miraculous lessons about the universe during near-death experiences (NDEs) in heaven, people passionately seek to learn knowledge and wisdom when they return to their earthly lives. One of the many after effects of an NDE is an insatiable desire for education. Lifelong learning is an important part of strengthening our well-being. Paying attention to NDE stories can inspire us to value education and develop our well-being as a result.

Learning Without Limits in Heaven

During NDEs, survivors say, they have been able to learn about whatever topics (from science to history) most interested them from the living light (which may be God), angels and loved ones they met in heaven. They even describe learning profound lessons from simple interactions with objects they encounter in the afterlife, such as living rocks and blades of grass that can communicate with intelligence. The entire heavenly environment is full of information to learn. Music that communicates complex messages harmoniously plays in the background. Angels encourage people to ask questions, and learning about something is easy as thinking about it, since communication happens through telepathy (mind to mind).

NDE survivors report that they could learn without limits in heaven.

In his book The Light Beyond, pioneering NDE researcher Raymond A. Moody quotes a man who had an NDE after a heart attack describing the knowledge he acquired in heaven: “… while the doctors were saying I was dead, this person I was with, this light, the Christ, showed me a dimension of knowledge, I’ll call it. … Knowledge is important.”

Moody writes that his research shows that NDE survivors “have newfound respect for knowledge. Some say that this was the result of reviewing their lives. The being of light told them that learning doesn’t stop when you die; that knowledge is something you can take with you. Others describe an entire realm of the afterlife that is set aside for the passionate pursuit of knowledge.”

Learning is woven into the fabric of heaven itself. “There is a ‘state of being’ in the afterlife where you will have access to the accumulated knowledge of the ages,” writes Craig Hamilton-Parker in What to do When You are Dead: Living Better in the Afterlife. “You will not only be able to look into the story of your own life and relive every experience but you will also be able to see the complete narrative of the universe. Recorded in the vibrations of the cosmos is a record of everything that has happened. Imagine what it would be like to see the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, or to witness the birth of civilization. … Imagine what it would be like to witness moments of great scientific breakthrough, or feel the inspiration of the great artists? … You may ask yourself how much – or little – your life on earth contributed to a better world.”

Guardian angels, who accompany dying people’s souls to heaven, often guide people through the learning  process during NDEs, such as by helping them evaluate their lives so far during life reviews. During NDEs, guardian angels help people learn the knowledge that God wants them to obtain about their life purposes before going back to Earth. As Hamilton-Parker writes in What to do When You are Dead: “As the angel speaks, the perplexing problems of your life will unfold. Why did you suffer? For what purpose were you put on Earth? What did you do that was right and what could you have done better? There will be no judgment as such, no successes or failures; you will judge yourself in the light of your spiritual understanding.”

Seeking More Knowledge on Earth

Once people return to their earthly lives after experiencing such wonderful knowledge, they develop a passionate desire to learn all they can from now on about any topic that interests them. They hunger and thirst after knowledge for their minds as much as they crave food and water for their bodies. As they learn, NDE survivors try to turn the knowledge into wisdom by using it to help them fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.

It’s “quite common” for NDE survivors to have a “hunger for knowledge” afterward, writes NDE researcher P.M.H. Atwater in her book Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose. Atwater describes the changes she personally experienced after her NDE: “Intelligence increased, developed an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Once memory disconnection and energy fragmentation were corrected, ability to concentrate skyrocketed. Mind now like a laser beam. Fully exist wherever my attention is…”.

The vast majority of the children Atwater studied after their NDEs experienced increased “intelligence and creativity” when tested on those abilities after coming back to life, compared with their test results prior to go through NDEs, she writes.

Moody explains in The Light Beyond that NDE survivors feel compelled to keep learning as much as they can, even changing their lives significantly in the process of doing so. “The short time they were exposed to the possibility of total learning made them thirst for knowledge when they returned to their bodies. Often, they embark on new careers or take up serious courses of study.”

The man who had his NDE after a heart attack expressed an interest in learning about anything and everything, Moody writes: “I read everything I can get my hands on now, I really do. … I’m glad that I have time now for learning. History, science, literature. I’m interested in it all. … when you have one of these experiences, you see that everything is connected.”

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