Whitney Hopler is a digital content strategist, writer, editor, and researcher who has successfully served influential media and educational organizations. She uses her communications skills to go beyond information to inspiration — motivating people to take positive action on the content they read and watch. Her work has often focused on well-being.

Whitney is an expert storyteller. She produces and curates content that compels people to care and respond. Whitney’s work has reached millions of people around the world, both in print and online — from books and national magazines to websites like About.com and Thrive Global.com.

As Communications Coordinator for the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University, Whitney directs all communications, including all website content and social media. She plans how readers and audiences experience and interact with content designed to promote their well-being. Learn more by visiting these websites that Whitney manages:





Connect with Whitney through social media on Twitter and Facebook. Connect with her through the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being’s social media at: CWB Twitter and CWB Facebook.


* Whitney created and produced the Angels and Miracles website for About.com for five years as a digital content strategist there. The site proved to be popular with readers worldwide. Whitney grew the site to reach about 350,000 page views per month by the end of the site’s active season. Readers can still enjoy some of her articles about angels and miracles on the archived site. Here are a few examples:

Enlightenment: The Spiritual Meaning of Light in Angels and Miracles

Angels of the Four Elements of Nature

How Angels and Trees Can Renew Your Soul

Famous Miracle Dolphins in History

Famous Miracle Horses in History

Sacred Roses: The Spiritual Symbolism of the Rose


* Whitney is a contributing writer for the top well-being site Thrive Global. Here are links to some of her Thrive Global articles:

Are You Building a Legacy or a Resume?

Find Success through Your Strengths

Resilience: The Key to Thriving During Uncertainty

Is God Reaching Out to You Through Your Dreams?

A Prayer for Worry

How Walking Can Set Your Mental Well-Being in the Right Direction


* Whitney has written for one of the largest inspirational sites online, Crosswalk.com, since 2001. Crosswalk.com has hundreds of Whitney’s past articles in its searchable archives. Here are links to a few of her many Crosswalk.com articles on faith and health topics:

How to Get Your Kids to Eat and Enjoy Fruits and Veggies

5 Ways to Win Spiritual Battles in Your Emotions

How to Hear from God Regularly

What the Olympic Refugee Team Can Teach Us about God

Coping with Role Reversal: More Adults Caring for Aging Parents


* The Washington Post newspaper has published feature articles by Whitney. Here are links to some of them:

Attending Gladiator School in Rome

A South Carolina Tour that Could be Just Your Cup of Tea

California’s Redwoods and Sequoias: Can Ancient Trees Compete with Modern Gadgets?

Joining in Reindeer Games on a Farm in Palmer, Alaska


* Many of the articles Whitney has written on health and nutrition topics are available on Livestrong.com’s website.


* Whitney is the author of the young adult inspirational novel Dream Factory, which is set during Hollywood’s golden age and is directed to teen readers.



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