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Well-Being with Whitney: Silence Speaks During Times of Uncertainty

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Since the old year will soon transition to the new year, this is a great time to reflect on our lives so far and how we hope to change them going forward. It’s also a time of uncertainty that can discourage us, unless we’re intentional about centering ourselves in what never changes — God’s love for us — in the middle of uncertain circumstances. Spending time in silent reflection (through prayer or meditation) empowers us to discover something ironic: silence actually speaks.

What comes through in the middle of silence is God’s voice, which the Bible describes in 1 Kings 19:12 as a “still small voice” or as a “gentle whisper.” It’s an incredibly powerful voice — but quiet enough to inspire us to listen carefully for it. God doesn’t shout at us above the noise of our lives. Instead, he motivates us to pay attention to his messages by speaking constantly in a loving way that we have to care enough to seek out. Silent reflection is like tuning our ears and minds into God’s frequency that has been broadcasting all along.

One winter day seven years ago, I heard God’s whispering voice while taking a silent prayer walk and wrestling with great uncertainty. My husband Russ needed a lifesaving kidney transplant and a great guy from our church had volunteered to donate a kidney to him. Right before the surgery was scheduled, however, the plans fell apart. That unexpected change made it a real possibility that I’d be a widowed single parent sometime soon.

God didn’t answer any of my questions that I asked on that walk, but in the midst of my uncertainty, he did something else: He sent me a powerful sense of peace. I didn’t know what my future held, but I did know that I could trust God, no matter what. When worry crept into my life (as it often did) after that walk, silent prayer and meditation centered my soul back into the place where I could receive God’s peace again.

Thankfully, a few months later Russ underwent a successful kidney transplant thanks to another hero from our church who made the lifesaving gift. But even before I knew what would happen, I felt at peace, because God met me in the silence and spoke just enough for me to renew my trust in him.

Whatever scary uncertainty you’re facing right now, I hope you’ll make some time to reflect on it during silent prayer or meditation and listen for God’s response. Even in silence, he has something to say to you.

Renewing Your Mind: Disciplines You Enjoy

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Now that we’re into the new year of 2016, it’s the traditional time for figuring out how to be more disciplined moving forward in our lives, to accomplish whatever goals we have (from losing weight to saving money). We know that it’s always good for the health of our minds to pray and meditate on a regular basis. But  when we neglect doing so, it’s not usually because we lack the discipline to include prayer and meditation in our schedules — it’s because we lack enough motivation to develop and sustain those habits.

So it’s important to find ways to pray and meditate that we actually enjoy. I learned that lesson some years ago in my marriage. Foolishly, after reading some books that touted the benefits of couples praying together in morning devotional times every day, I thought my husband Russ and I should do that, without fail, every single day. He agreed to try the practice, but it didn’t work well for us, and we both ended up resenting the obligation we felt to it after a while. Still, we kept on way too long, thinking that we “should” do so and if we stopped we’d be failing somehow. After we started to get into arguments while praying together, we finally stopped. What a relief it was after that to simply pray in ways that were more natural for us! What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others; there’s no correct formula for building the habit of prayer — or any other habit.

Now I still don’t pray in regularly scheduled, structured ways. But I pray often, throughout each day and night, in response to what I’m thinking about at the time. I maintain a close connection to God, but in a way that I genuinely enjoy. I love to talk and listen to God informally as I simply go through the activities of each day. It’s what works best for me.

So this year, don’t put pressure on yourself to follow any kind of disciplines that you don’t actually enjoy. Instead, work with the unique ways that God has made your mind. Build healthy habits your way. Then, you’re likely to keep those habits and create good, lasting change in your life!



More About Contacting Your Guardian Angel

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

I’ve completed the series on contacting guardian angels through prayer or meditation and hope you’ll enjoy these new articles about communicating with the angel who is closest to you:

Contacting Your Guardian Angel

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Have you ever wanted to meet that hardworking, faithful angel whom God has assigned to watch over you — your guardian angel? If so, I hope you’ll enjoy the new series I’m writing on my site about angels and miracles, called “Contacting Your Guardian Angel.”

Communicating with your guardian angel is a two-way street. So far, I’ve posted some articles that focus mainly on what you can do and say, and I’ll soon be posting articles on what signs or messages your angel may give you during prayer or meditation. Here’s what I’ve posted already:

Blessings, Whitney