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Well-Being with Whitney: Near-Death Experience Lessons: Part 6

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Survivors of near-death experiences (NDEs) learn during their time in the afterlife that the most important value of all is love, because God is love and has designed the universe with love as the most powerful force. Everyone they meet in heaven — from angels to loved ones who have died before them —  all communicate the importance of love. During NDE life reviews, the focus is on evaluating how well they’ve loved others during their earthly lives. So when people come back to life, they value unconditional love and try to love others without limits. The process of loving no matter what isn’t easy, but can lead to wonderful well-being when we get it right.

Coming Back Changed

Those who come back from death to resume their earthly lives after an NDE are never the same again. If they didn’t make love a high priority before dying, they do so after coming back to life. If they did love God and other people well before the NDE, they do an even better job of loving once they return.

“Experiencers come back more loving,” writes NDE researcher P.M.H. Atwater in her book Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose. “They tend to love others without conditions — none of this ‘I’ll love you if you love me’ stuff.”

NDE survivors make daily decisions based on love as their highest value and priority, writes NDE researcher Raymond A. Moody in his book The Light Beyond. “Upon their return, almost all of them say that love is the most important thing in life. Many say it is why we are here. Most find it the hallmark of happiness and fulfillment, with other values paling beside it. … Where they may have been bigoted, they now see each individual as a loved person. Where material wealth was the pinnacle of achievement, brotherly love now reigns.”

Feeling Loving Unity

People who return from NDEs report feeling a sense of unity with other people. They find themselves miraculously able to love not just the people they like (such as close friends and family), but also the most difficult people among those they already know, and even strangers.

“After a near-death experience, it is as if every woman you see is your mother, sister, aunt, and daughter,” Atwater writes in Near-Death Experiences. “Every man, your father, brother, uncle, and son. It’s not that you can’t tell differences. Rather, everyone takes on ‘the glow of family’ — the human family in oneness with each other — and you want to embrace everyone in a giant hug.”

An NDE survivor Moody interviewed and quotes in The Light Beyond describes feeling a newfound sense of loving unity with strangers: “I used to walk down the street in my own little world, with my mind on a dozen different little problems. Now I walk down the street and I feel I am in an ocean of humanity. Each person I see, I want to get to know, and I am certain that if I really knew them I would love them.”

Trying to Carry Out Missions of Love

NDE survivors do their best to try to love other people unconditionally after they resume their earthly lives — loving with passion and devotion even when the people they’re trying to love don’t understand what those who have survived NDEs see as their God-given missions.

Often, love is what compels people who are given a choice about returning to decide to come back to life. They report that love for someone who plays an important part in their earthly lives motivates them to leave the afterlife and return to their bodies.

An NDE survivor recalls in Pierre Jovanic’s book An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels: A Journalist’s Investigative Report that it was love for her children that compelled her to return. She says that after spending time with the light she understood to be God — the light that “envelops you with infinite love so every atom of your being quivers with passionate love” she asked God: “‘If I go back, will it make a difference to my family?’ and he said to me, ‘Yes, to your son.’ So I came back for him.”

Ironically, even though unconditional love is a blessing, sometimes people don’t want to receive that gift from NDE survivors, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. The way of the our fallen world is to love with conditions, so unconditional love is the exception.

“Is everyone truly ready to love each other unconditionally — no secrets, nothing held back, no exceptions?” Atwater asks in Near-Death Experiences. “I don’t think so. The tendency to openly embrace and give without hesitation is generally seen by others as foolish, flirtatious, disrespectful, or unloving. … Maybe this conundrum speaks more to how distant and distrustful society has become, than to how loving and generous most experiencers come to be.”

Whether or not everyone they love unconditionally accepts their love, NDE survivors set inspiring examples of living according to what matters most from an eternal perspective. Expressing unconditional love in a world full of broken relationships can set miracles of healing in motion.